• Posted on: 1 January 2016
  • By: Editor

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Minimum Quantity Lubrication v Flood

  • Posted on: 17 November 2016
  • By: Editor

We have known UNIST for many years as leaders in MQL technology with bold confidence in their systems and products. The October 2016 edition of TLT Magazine, the STLE monthly publication, includes the article "20 Minutes With Tim Walker." Mr. Walker is the Senior VP of UNIST. He details the advantages and application criteria for use of MQL.


  • Posted on: 11 November 2016
  • By: Editor

Q: Good afternoon. We have MAG1 here made by Makino that are foaming like crazy. Our coolant supplier came with the solution to add calcium acetate to resolve the issue. While the addition of calcium acetate is indeed working, we are having a hard time to balance the calcium concentration between our machines. They have individual recirculation tanks filled by a common tank when needed. Some of our machines are running as high as 600 ppm of calcium. This is problematic because it can make calcification which is very hard to remove in the system.

Blaser Swisslube Celebrates 80 Years

  • Posted on: 31 October 2016
  • By: Editor

1936 was a year of international turmoil. In the midst of the global crisis, a 20 year man in Switzerland named Willy Blaser developed a water-proofing shoe polish that farmers found very useful. On the bicycle shown, he peddled from farm to farm, selling his popular shoe polish across the countryside. He had been trained as a painter, but was unable to find work. He founded a one-man company in his parent's house where he produced lubricants and chemical-technical products for agriculture.

Mini Skimmer Man

  • Posted on: 14 October 2016
  • By: Editor

Who is this guy, and why is he flipping us off? That's MINI-SKIMMER MAN, and it's hard to see but I think that's a thumbs-up. Either that or he's pointing to his new hat. What's he so happy about? Wayne Products has a complete line of skimming products that include cogged belt mini-skimmers for CNC machines, stainless steel belted mini-skimmers for harsh environments, flat belt mini-skimmers, skinni-mini drum skimmers, and a mini tube-type skimmer, They also have OEM and international mini-skimmers.

Early Detection

  • Posted on: 3 December 2015
  • By: Editor

Long ago, science provided every consumer with a simple, reliable, and cost effective method for early detection of a human pregnancy. Decades later, we can't tell if the metalworking fluid system we are standing in front of at has deteriorated without the application of multiple time consuming tests. Engineers at Texas A&M are diagnosing malaria with cell phones converted into polarized microscopes (Reuters). Honestly, which is more complicated? That may change soon.

Oelheld introduces Air Forge 4500

  • Posted on: 20 November 2015
  • By: Editor

Oelheld U.S. Inc introduced AirForge 4500 this summer. Oelheld reports the product to be "a capable die lubricant with excellent separation and lubricating properties. The product is particularly suitable for and on applications where full flood lubrication is needed. On contact with hot surfaces, AirForge 4500 forms a film which controls the heat transfer between the tool and the work piece.